Speaker Cabinet Services

Rapid Speaker Cabinet Prototyping

J&F Wood Products can manufacture speaker cabinet prototypes quickly and efficiently, reducing development time and allowing you to get your product to market much sooner.

Short & Long Run Production

Whether you need fifty enclosures or a thousand, J&F Wood Products has the capacity to meet your speaker cabinet manufacturing needs. We currently work with many well-known companies in the loudspeaker industry and are focused on providing speaker cabinet manufacturing service for up and coming loudspeaker companies around the world.

CNC Routing

CNC routing provides a high level of precision, repeatability and efficiency for precise speaker cabinets. J&F Wood Products maintains two full-size, multi-tool CNC routers.

Speaker Cabinet Assembly

J&F Wood Products is a full service shop, from design and parts fabrication to assembly and finishing of speaker cabinets.

High Quality Finishes

J&F Wood Products offers a wide variety of finishes. From the most modern conversion varnishes to more traditional lacquers and paints to wiping stains. We can also custom color match both stains and paint colors so that speaker cabinets match any color you want.

Custom Speaker Cabinet Grilles

 J&F Wood Products can provide custom grille cloths using acoustically transparent fabrics or perforated metal. Both pin and cup as well as magnetic attachments are available for your speaker cabinet needs.


A small sampling of J&F Wood Products' work.