Juan & Felix

The story of J&F begins with two brothers, Juan and Felix Vasquez

Born and raised in Mexico, the brothers immigrated to the US in the early 1970s while still in their teens after having tragically lost both of their parents.

A few years after arriving in the US, Juan eventually found himself working for a gentleman named Webb Massey who was starting a speaker cabinet manufacturing business out of his garage. While originally Massey was doing a variety of woodworking, it was the manufacturing of speaker cabinets that would come to define the company's future.

Soon the rapidly growing demand for speaker cabinets exceeded the capacity of Massey's garage and he established commercial operations in Orange, California as the Webb Massey Company manufacturing speaker cabinets. It was at this time that Juan's brother Felix joined the company and the two specialized in building prototype speaker cabinet enclosures before they were put into full production.

Growth of the Webb Massey Company continued until at its peak it employed over forty people and was manufacturing speaker cabinet enclosures for many of the largest, most prestigious loudspeaker manufactures in the US, from JBL to Westlake Audio.

However beginning in the 1990s, more and more loudspeaker cabinet manufacturers began offshoring the manufacture of their speaker cabinets in order to take advantage of low wage labor and virtually non-existent worker safety and environmental regulations.

Finally in 2005, Massey decided it was time to retire, but not before Juan and Felix acquired critical tooling and machinery from Massey so they could continue to manufacture loudspeaker cabinets for those clients that had not abandoned domestic manufacturing. And with a move to nearby Riverside, California, they established J&F Wood Products, Inc.

Felix would later leave to pursue other ventures, but Juan is now joined by his son Adolfo as the Vasquez family continues a decades long tradition of providing the finest quality manufacturing and customer service in the speaker cabinet manufacturing business.

J&F co-founder and president, Juan Vasquez

Adolfo Vasquez